Cesarean Healing and Belly Binding

Abdominal binding is a traditional healing technique for C-Section recovery and postpartum support. The body’s fibers are brought together by compression, which diminishes swelling and tears in the incision and simultaneously provides good protection to the wound. Comfy abdominal binders provide support to the changing torso throughout pregnancy, vaginal child birth & c-section recovery.

Every mother ought to get the very optimum support at this very challenging time. Unfortunately the traditional healing skill of binding is not so well known nowadays as i found out just after my personal emergency cesarean. Before birth abdominal binding bands support the babies additional weight and the mothers body, which lessens the load for the skin and extended abdominal muscles. When there isn’t sufficient support or stretchy qualities in the skin, stretch marks can easily develop.

C-section birth needs special rejuvenation, as operations are stressful, debilitating and on top a new baby needs your adoring attention. Abdominal binding will lessen your pain, and give you the confidence to roll out of bed and be mobile, while aiding your incisions healing.

The first time I twisted over to get up after cesarean section, It seemed as if my insides were going to drop out. Abdominal binding supports your torso giving you the security to get up and get about. Compression gives support and protection for your cut to knit together and heal as a result you will have reduced scar tissue. Many moms to be, do not know that the physician will cut into 6 levels within the belly, before stretching wide the belly muscles to extract the baby. The thin sheath of fibrous tissue called fascia that encloses the muscles that is cut, and then the 6 layers are stitched (sutured) back together. With binding you prevent the feeling of being without support, vulnerable to gravity and frightened to walk.

Of course even when employing abdominal binding in your cesarean recovery, avoid doing something that gives rise to additional pain, and avoid wrapping yourself too firmly. Binding isn’t about constriction, it is about support. Being undemanding and easy of yourself during postpartum will advance your healing for later, when life becomes more full and active.

Binding at the same time helps body organs to return back to their initial pre pregnancy size and position. In any childbirth, the womb and intestines greatly benefit from abdominal binding, as they shrink and return back to their original place. Bladder, intestinal and reproductive complications are possible after a c-section and other abdominal operations. The support of binding also decreases incision tearing, resulting in reduced scar tissue, on the inside as well as the skin. As a consequence you will experience fewer complications in the future, and have a discreet scar. Using belly binding you can prevent the tearing and infections that trigger abdominal adhesions, painful menstruation, and a chunky and rough scar.

Some hospitals do furnish post surgery binders, but they are mostly stiff and not very soft, as a result uncomfortable and causing discomfort to the skin. When I had my emergency cesarean the nurses gave me … a bandage! With a wound six layers deep all the way to your uterus, can you imagine what it would feel like to wrap a bandage around your middle over and over to make the effect of a cesarean binding belt?

Make sure you are equipped and plan ahead to make certain you have the most desirable cesarean section recovery possible by acquiring a c-section recovery belt beforehand and taking it to the hospital with you.


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