C Section Recovery Kit

A c-section recovery begins immediately after the surgery and goes on for many weeks. It is not something to take for granted, bladder, intestinal and reproductive complications can arise from a c-section. In addition there is potential for the formation of adhesions, which are scar tissues inside the body. Sometimes this internal scar tissue forms between organs or onto the pelvis or lower back and can cause pain for years.

Sadly you are unlikely to be told of these and other potential problems from c-section delivery. Luckily there are simple and effective things you can do to help yourself avoid such complications.

The first is abdominal binding. The support of binding means less tearing, which means less scar tissue, on both the inside as well as outside. Less scar tissue means not only will your scar look better, but you will have fewer secondary complications. From wearing a c-section belly band you can prevent the tearing and infections that lead to abdominal adhesions, painful periods and sex, and a lumpy scar.

The Abdomend™ C Section Recovery Belt is uniquely designed for c-section recovery. It does not contain elastic which makes it perfect for use after c section birth or other abdominal surgery straight away.

It was designed by women for women so it is as adjustable as possible allowing you to find the perfect binding pressure and adjust it as you heal. It comes with a detachable support strap, which does contain elastic, for another level of fully adjustable support. This support strap can cleverly be attached font or back, depending on where you need extra support.

c-section recovery kitThe C-Section Recovery Kit also comes with the Abdomend™ c-section Massage Guide DVD and a dry skin brush. The c-section scar massage guide will teach you simple self massage techniques for each stage of your c-section recovery. Following this self care massage program for just a few minutes a day will, along with the c-section belt go a long way to ensure you aren’t among the 93% of those who have abdominal surgeries that result in adhesions  that can lead to incontinence, bowel obstruction, reproductive problems and back pain. The Abdomend™ C-Section Recovery will help you have the best possible recovery and reduce your risk of such future complications.

The C-Section Recovery Kit comes in five sizes from Petite to Voluptuous. Sizes petite to large cost 73.90 and the voluptuous is 79.90

buy-button◆    Move with Confidence
◆    Have Reduced Pain
◆    Avoid More Medical Intervention
◆    Speed Up Your Recovery
◆    Support Your Back
◆    Tighten Your Tummy
◆    Have Support Inside & Out
◆    Get Support on the Go
◆    Hold Your Insides Back In Place

The Recovery Belt is

◆    Soft and supportive in light weight cotton materials, for a cozy, comforatable feel.
◆    Easily adjustable with long hook & loop closures that allow accurate adjustment
◆    Bikini Strap reduces back pain and protects your incision, 3″ to 6″ depending on size.
◆    Available in 5 different sizes, and widths ranging from 8″ wide to 12″ wide, depending on size.
◆    Perfect for first month after C-Section birth
◆    Can also be used as pregnancy support belt, and for post partum birth
◆    Attaches hip to hip to support back & tummy
◆    Fabric will stretch if used during pregnancy See tips on putting on the belt.
The skin brush and scar care guide was created by a professional massage therapist who offers gentle techniques to help you have a small flat scar that you can be proud of.